Q:  Will Violet Crown interfere with my high school or college band program?

A:  It is absolutely possible to be involved in a band program and participate in Violet Crown. Members of VC  are expected to attend all required functions of their respective band programs, and must communicate with their directors to ensure conflicts between the two groups are minimal.

Q: Do I have to attend the Experience Camp and both Audition Camps?

A:  The experience camps are designed to give you feedback and an understanding of how the audition process works. It is highly recommended that those who plan to audition for Violet Crown are available to attend all camps.

Q:  Does Violet Crown interfere with Drum Corps?

A:   Members who wish to audition for VC as well as drum corps will be given a fair opportunity to do so. Participating in DCI is highly beneficial and members are encouraged to audition. The Violet Crown staff will do its best to be flexible with drum corps camp schedules. 

Q:  Can my parents help out with the ensemble?

A:   Of course!

We encourage all parents to get involved with the VC support group. Volunteers can help the ensemble drives trucks, fit and alter uniforms, and much more. 

If you wish to help in any way please contact our admin team at: