Morgan Gutierrez - Battery Instructor


Morgan Gutierrez attended Claudia Taylor Johnson High School in San Antonio, Tx where he spent four years participating in and leading the drumline. Upon graduation, Morgan returned to Johnson High School for 5 years as a battery/visual tech.


Morgan’s DCI career began in 2016 with Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps where he took on a section leader position, followed by assuming the role of Percussion Captain in his age out season in 2017. Following his age out, Morgan returned to Genesis to dedicate his time as a battery tech from 2018 to present.


Morgan’s WGI career also began in 2016 with 5 points Percussion where he was the battery captain during their inaugural year and in 2017. Morgan finished out his WGI career with two seasons on tenors at Monarch Independent Percussion in 2018 and 2019.